Our History

Please read the below booklet for more information on the history of the Antigua and Barbuda Co-operative League Limited.


Who Are We:

The Antigua and Barbuda Co-operative League Limited is a member based financial co-operative. It was founded in 1981 with (4) Credit Unions. The League is charged with providing an assortment of services to its members. This includes regulatory advocacy, education and training for credit union staff and volunteer officials with a wide range of informational and operational resources. The League actively promotes Credit Unions interest, as well as to encourage co-operation between its members.

Our Vision: To be recognized as the principle unifying body among co-operative societies encouraging wealth creation and on and continuous benefits.

Our Mission: To promote the co-operative movement through collaboration advocacy, and education.



Rules and Laws:

The Co-operative Societies Act, 2010

PDF of Act 

The C0-operative Societies (Amendment) Act, 2013


Financial Services Regulatory Act, 2013Financia

Service\Pdf link or doc

Our Core Competencies:

Advocacy – The ABCL communicates member identity and purpose to members, consumers, lawmakers, community leaders, the media, and others. In addition, we also represent credit union interests in state and regional public arenas.

Education & Training – We provide meaningful, timely professional development opportunities to help member credit unions thrive, stay abreast of the ever-changing regulatory environment and remain competitive in the financial services marketplace.

Compliance – We are our credit unions go-to resource on the laws and regulations affecting their operations.


Location and Hours:

Google Map: Antigua & Barbuda Co-operative League Limited

Corner of Woods Centre & Mahogany Drive, 3rd Floor,

St. John’s, Antigua.


Directions: (Cream Building, 3rd Floor)

Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30 -4:30pm