Amplifying your voice

On behalf of Antigua and Barbuda credit unions, the League spearheads daily advocacy efforts in multiple realms to create the best environment for your continued success.

As the voice of Antigua and Barbuda credit unions, the League works with our members to help champion people and advance communities. By protecting, enhancing, and promoting credit unions through relentless representation in public awareness, government affairs, and political action, Antiguans and Barbudans can achieve their dreams through financial cooperatives.

Public Awareness

Acting as your public relations driver, the League promotes the credit union difference through the media and other public audiences to raise awareness.

Government Affairs

As your government advocate, the League protects and advances credit unions by engaging with state and federal legislators and regulators.

Political Action

As your political expert, the League partners with Antigua & Barbuda credit unions to identify, support, and help elect federal and state decision makers who stand up for credit union issues.