Become a member:

 The Co-operative League Difference:

 Credit Unions and Co-operatives (Non-Profit and Profit) can become members. Membership opens the Credit Union or Co-operative to various educational and capacity building resources that they would not be about to secure own it own. The League advocates the interest of its members at the national and regional level. And has access to opportunities to advance the Co-operative movement via the Caribbean Confederation of Credit Unions.

The objective of the CCCU foundation is to stimulate activities benefiting Caribbean Co-operatives nationally and regionally. The CCCU also represents the region at the World Council of Credit Unions, an international trade association and development agency for credit unions headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin.

Steps to becoming a member:

The Credit Union or Co-operative must seek registration by the Financial Services Regulatory Commission in Antigua and Barbuda.

  • The Credit Union or Co-operative should formally write upon registration with the FSRC, to apply for membership with the Antigua and Barbuda Co-operative League.
  • Documents to support an application for membership include a copy of Credit Union / Co-operative Bye laws, Certificate of Registration, and Business Plan.